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bachar mar-khalifé 


Born in beirut into a family of musicians, Bachar moved as a child to Paris where he started forming his atypical musical universe, exposed to a mixture of arabic, classical and contemporary music up to the first waves of french hip pop. At the age of 16, he received the first prize in piano at the conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt and a few years later the first prize in contemporary percussion at the conservatoire national superieur de Paris. 


Bachar released his first solo album oil slick in 2010. Today, the artist also composes soundtracks for the cinema. 


After winning the grand prix sacem this year and being nominated at the victoires de la musique for his fifth album on/off, Bachar was eligible for the césar du cinéma 2022 for the soundtrack of the film sous le ciel d'Alice by Chloé Mazlo.   

The End - Music for films Vol.3

This new compilation is centered around his work for the original music soundtrack to “Le Paradis” as well as alternate versions of the main theme, and exclusive tracks..

Released on May, 2022. 

The End - Music for films Vol.2

This album includes new tracks composed for movie soundtracks, an alternate version of the iconic Ya Nas, and a collaboration with the Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani : Yalla Tnam Nada. 

Released on March 2022. 

The End - Music for films Vol.1

For the first time the artist brings together songs he has composed for the cinema since 2013. You will find excerpts from the soundtrack of Chloé Mazlo's film "Sous le Ciel d'Alice" selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2020.

Released on January, 2022. 

On/Off Ghost Songs

It brings together Bachar's fifth record, On/Off, and it's sequel, Ghost Songs

Including duos with Christophe, Lynn Adib, Marcel Khalifé and Chapelier Fou.

Released on January, 2022.

Oil Slick - 10 years edition

With Oil Slick, it is as a singer-composer that Bachar (percussions, piano, synths) takes stock – on the social, political and passionate level – of the world as it is today.

Released on July, 2021.

Ghost Songs

This digital EP is the sequel to On/Off released last year.
It brings together three new songs recorded in Lebanon in December 2019, three new versions of the already iconic songs Zakrini, Jnoun and Chaffeh Chaffeh, as well as a remix by Chapelier Fou. 

Released on June, 2021. 


Bachar's fifth album, On/Off, was recorded in his native country, Lebanon. More precisely in the living room of the family home, a stone house, isolated in the mountains of Jaj.

In the house, the electricity cuts off twice a day (On / Off)…

Released on Octobre, 2020.

The Water Wheel, a tribute to Hamza El Din 

This fourth record is a tribute to the nubian singer & oudist Hamza El Din. Resolutely psychedelic, it nevertheless has all Bachar's hallmarks: a heavy piano touch, a precise orchestration and a delicate voice.

​Released on May, 2018.

Ya Balad

"A breathtaking global fusion of classical modes, electronica, jazz, trance, dub, world music (...), drawing on influences from Oum Khartoum to Pink Floyd and mixing traditional Lebanese folk tunes and an extraordinary setting of the liturgical ‘Kyrie Eleison’ with his own dazzlingly original compositions." Songlines

Released on Octobre, 2015.

Who's Gonna Get the Ball from Behind

A completely unclassifiable second album. A treaty of freedom. A plasticization of genres. In short, a record as eclectic and impossible to cage as its author, pianist, percussionist and singer.

Released on March, 2013.

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